About our wine-making

About our wine-making

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About us

Behind every good bottle of wine stand years of experience and hard work in the vineyards and cellars. For us though, this is a passion. We're constantly on the lookout for ways to be that little bit better. And for this reason we have joined forces and boast a new name as of 2016. Now we are the Trávníček & Kořínek Winery. We aim to utilise the unique conditions for vines along the Dyje River valley, and despite constantly expanding, we do not want to stray from our principles in the least. We take good care of our vineyards, and instead of chemicals, we let nature protect them. In the cellars, we use modern technology, yet still make use of classic maturing in oak barrels, including barrique barrels. We also enjoy experimenting, for example with ancient Georgian 'kvevri' technology that is thousands of years old. And we enjoy everything else to do with wine, especially also it's pairing with food.

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We're expanding

Thanks to position and micro-climate, our vineyard sites along Knížecí vrch, Fládnická and U Chlupa in Hnanice produce full wines with great aroma. Currently though, these 20 hectares in Hnanice are no longer enough, and for this reason we have planted another 30 hectares in the Dyje Valley. Our plans for the future are more ambitious, but for now we don't want to jump the gun. Because first and foremost, we have to provide each and every bit of our vineyards with the best of care, for them to produce the best wines.

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An invitation

To enjoy a glass of good wine with good food among good friends is one of the most pleasant moments one can experience. And we would like to prepare such experience for you in our cellar among the vineyards. We offer a guided degustation of wine, whilst chatting about wine in general. This can then be followed with an extraordinary menu of the season, paired with a wine of your choice, or based on our recommendations.

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