Cabernet Moravia 2014
Cabernet Moravia 2014

Cabernet Moravia 2014

Best consumed with:

Roasted pork, roasted goose, lightly prepared beef

This wine is produced using the old Georgian, Kakheti, method. Based on archaeological excavations, kvevri were used for winemaking as early as 6000 BC. The vessels dug into the ground are made of earthenware clay that has a high content of silver, thus increasing its anti-bacterial properties. Our Cabernet Moravia rested in our kvevri for a year and another year in an oak barrel. The colour is a clear, dense red colour with a silver meniscus. The aroma is neat, distinct with a light animal tone and a note of fresh red garden fruit, wild spice and cherry. The flavour is fruity, full-bodied, with tones of vanilla, cherry, dried herbs and rosehip. It has a long aftertaste, with a hint of rowanberry.

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