Pinot Noir 2014 mzv
Pinot Noir 2014 mzv

Pinot Noir 2014 mzv

Best consumed with:

Roasted lamb saddle, quail, tuna steak

This wine features a ruby-red colour, with a typical brick-red meniscus, and good viscosity. The aroma is intense, with a marvellous tone of dark mature fruit, sweet spice and sandalwood, with a smokey character. The flavour is medium-bodied with pleasant tannins, and tones of stone fruit reminiscent of sour cherry, vanilla and coffee bean. It has a long aftertaste and is recommended for archiving until 2020.

  • Vineyard site Staré vinice, Havraníky
  • Alcohol 12,0 %
  • Sugar 0,1 g/l
  • Acids 5,7 g/l

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