Riesling  VOC 2014
Riesling  VOC 2014

Riesling VOC 2014

Best consumed with:

Stronger fish dishes, roasted poultry, fried veal schnitzel

Golden in colour, with a yellow undertone, this wine also has good viscosity. Its aroma is distinct, with a hint of ripe apricot, bergamot and ripe autumn fruit, with a petrolly character. It is full-bodied in flavour, with tones of apricot, dried herbs and ripe citrus. The aftertaste is long with good acidity and the typical Riesling feature of maturing well in the bottle.

  • Vineyard site Knížecí vrch
  • Alcohol 11,5 %
  • Sugar 2,0 g/l
  • Acids 8,1 g/l

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